“How To Start a Business without CAPITAL

So You Can Have Financial Freedom, TODAY!”

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Business Conceptualist Expert


Dear Future Business Owners,

Are you still dreaming of having your own business doing what you love?  What are the things that are stopping you? Is it capital? Is it concept? Do you have a bright idea but don’t know where to start?

This is the time to start your business! Not tomorrow but TODAY!

Hi everyone, I am Job Concepcion and I owned a multi-million dollar business in just one year.  Just like everyone that is reading this, I started with a dream, a dream of having a business of my own.  I envisioned to work for 2 years after graduation and start my own business, and there goes “What the mind can perceive it can be achieved.”

The Epic Beginning (Oh, yes!)

Ever since I was a kid, I would engage in business. I would sell things like chicks, mangoes and salted fish just to earn my own money.  I want financial freedom even as a kid.  It’s nice to buy what you want from your hard earned money.

After graduation, I told myself  that I will work for two years and then start my business. When I resigned from work. I started selling fries, squid balls to groceries.  And yes, even flavored juices!

It failed.  I was already hopeless and desperate.

Then started to sell audio cd’s.  In CD’s, you have to create a cover and that would require a lot of ink refilling.

There was a need for me to refill ink cartridges and I’ve “researched” – take note of the research, how to do it. I learned that I could earn a lot from it. And from burning CDs, I decided to push thru with the Ink Refilling Business.

Then, BOOOOOOOM!  A bright business idea.

Always remember in starting a business.  Start with a NEED.   King of the World (Or Queen! Hahaha!)

From that need and I being the pioneer in ink refilling and printing industry, my business sky rocketed. I had 24 stores around the country.  Imagine?  At the same time I put up my own internet shop, housing 20 computers.

The dream became a reality.

My ink refilling and printing business became a two year awardee in a best selling Magazine namely Most Promising Franchise and Best Franchising Support.  From this ink refilling and printing business, I became “50 Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs”.

And as being a business owner, you control your time.  If you want to spend it with your family, you can do it.  If you don’t want to come to work, you can stay at home. But from my experience, there should also be balance.  Probably because of success, I became lax and didn’t focus on my business.  Complacency was the culprit.

Engaging in business is not a walk in the park. It’s hard work, pure hard work but remember this “the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward”.

What Comes Up Must Go Down (Damn!) I have experienced being bankrupt not once, not twice but many times! Seems like a movie script, right?

Again, saturation of the market, lack of innovation and focus on the business and to top it all off, I got sick. I needed to be operated but I declined. I continued to pursue other business opportunities.  I entered the food industry. I was doing well at first, opening stores in the biggest malls in the country. I’ve learned that in opening a business, it should not only be passion. It entails a lot of research. For example, in the food industry you have to know the handing of foods, preservation, spoilage and pilferage. My ink Refilling and food businesses were on the rocks. Then just like a “thief in the night” – my sickness took a toll on me.  My stomach hurt, it hurt so bad I wanted to be unconscious.  My greatest fear came true, I have no choice but to be operated and remove my gallbladder. After the removal, I thought that was over, I had complications and underwent a lot of operations. I got bankrupt. I didn’t know where to start.

My debt piled up just like the trash in the trash bin. There are times, I can’t even sleep.    Eventhough, this was happening with me, somehow I still feel blessed. I have my support group. My family, friends and my church mates and most of all I believe that the heavenly Father will not give me a trial that I cannot withstand.

When You Hit Rock Bottom, There’s No Way  But Up! (Yes!)

I had no money and recuperating from my sickness. I would ask money from my mother so I could watch a movie. One day, when I was in the bathroom, my cellphone fell in the toilet bowl. I tried to save it but it was too late.  My mom pitied me so she bought me an android phone.    I wanted to protect it. I checked the mall for phone protection and the model for my unit was not available.

BOOM!  Again, there was a NEED. I researched and contacted suppliers online.  I only have guts and I have nothing more to lose.  I feel blessed because I got a great deal from the supplier. And I opened a Phone Protection store in one of the biggest malls. The good thing is that I already have credibility as a businessman so I was able to put up stores in malls.  And now, I will be entering the food industry again with the knowledge I have gained from my experiences.

As a matter of fact, two of my franchisees already got the ROI (or Return of Investment) and I’m so ecstatic!

The financial freedom that I lost, I have now gained back!

Learning from Experience (Awww, the Hard Way!)

The best way to learn is from experience.  I am not saying that you will not learn anything from school.  Experience is the best teacher.  It stays with you.  In my 20+ plus years of experience, I have learned the hard way. And now I want to share to you the experience and teach you how to start your own business – and minimize the risk.

Yes, MINIMIZE the risk.

Why? I want you to have freedom – time and financial.

I want you to have fun and pursue your passion.

I want you to wake up and look forward to every day.

I want you to experience God’s miracles.

The Perfect Invitation (This is it!)

Is business for everyone?  Yes, it is!  But COMMITMENT and HARDWORK is needed.  But the good news is you can start, TODAY!


You might be asking now, so how do I start Job? I have an answer to that, I have created a book to help you start your business and put you on the right track (baby you were born this way!).

So I’m inviting everyone who:

1.  Employees who want to leave the corporate world slowly but surely.

  1. Have a brilliant Idea and want to turn it in a profitable income.
  2. Students or Fresh Graduates that is looking for other opportunities.
  3. Those who failed in business and wants to try again.
  4. Those who doesn’t have capital but wants to jumpstart their business.
  5. And of course, EVERYONE IS WELCOME.


What will you learn from this BOOK?

I will share with you the ins and outs of starting a business along with my friends that have been successful in different fields that will help you start your business.

  • Get motivated and inspired to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS FROM YOU BLISS, TODAY!
  • Learn how to start a business with NO CAPITAL.
  • Learn the type of business that is right for you.
  • Learn the step by step process of making business from conceptualizing, getting permits and up to launching your business. We’ll make it simple for you!
  • Learn how to market you new business.
  • Get tips and trade secrets from your mentors.
  • Interact and share with your mentor and classmates.

And there’s a lot more.  And yes, with my exclusive once-a-week “BLISS REVOLUTION” emails that will help you to build your bliss in to your successful business!

Buy now and let’s START your business!

This ebook regularly costs more than $100, but we are giving it to you for S29.99 if you buy now! After that, it will be on a regular rate – $100.

The most affordable and EXCITING book for starting your bliss to business!

Why Do We Have To Buy this Ebook?

Let’s do a simple math.

If you’ll get a food cart business, it will cost you around $10,000 to $100,000 (depends on the brand and size).

Then you have to get a good location and give a security deposit of 3 months.  And for malls, rent is around $5,000 plus the required security deposit of 3 months.  So that’s a whopping $20,000.00 only for rent.

That’s a total of $120,000 to start a small food cart.

With “How to Start Your Own Bliss to Business without Capital Today!” ebook, I’ll tell you secrets on how to create your own brand and business step-by-step, which, could be turned into a Multi-Million Dollar Business Empire (just like what I did!).

And you need to invest a one-time fee of just $29.99! And that includes handouts and freebies!

If you read my story, I lost millions simply because I didn’t understand doing business.

Obviously, the $29.99 is a small investment compare to the money that you’ll potentially lose if you’ll start your business without the right skills and training.

And since I just recently decided to coach, which is actually a dream of mine, I’m offering you an introductory pricing.  And yes, this price will go up once our business expense goes up as well.

I actually worked with other aspiring entrepreneurs and this is what they can say about my passion…

I do hope you get my point and understand the value I’m offering you here.

I’m offering you more than just a business workshop but a potential to get financial freedom.

With just $29.99 pesos, you can START YOUR OWN BUSINESS in the simplest possible way with the highest potentials.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Since this is only sold to a limited people, slots are very, very LIMITED – we are only selling the discounted price to the first 20 people.

So if you’re SERIOUS to become an entrepreneur and change your lives, you better ACT NOW!

Let’s create your bliss to business TODAY!



Job Concepcion

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