How did this all start?

Business is PURE HARDWORK.  Business is such a difficult thing to do.  Yes, it’s difficult! Blood and sweat is the very foundation of any business especially when you are employed.  I remember when I was young, when I sold fries, fish and squid balls, cheese sticks and jellies, I have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to buy supplies.  And that’s difficult when you’re a young child.  I think that’s the reason why I’m the smallest with my siblings even I’m the eldest! Hahaha! But seriously, business is tough.

Well, I basically did business my whole life.  When I was in Grade 3 or 4, I sold cigarettes.  Grade 5, repacked nuts.  Grade 6 to junior – chicks, aquarium fishes, mangoes, bagoong (salted fish) and we have a small grocery store then.  During my senior years (during vacations), squid and fish balls, fries, cheese sticks, jelly drinks, etc.  Yes, I did all that by my own (but with of course, the help of my parents and helpers).

But when I started my first business (that I’m already paying rent), I got bankrupted. Then I started again. But bankrupted again.  I started again, got bankrupted again.  Then when I had my first very successful business ( I had like $500k) and it went on for three years and got bankrupted again – not to mention, I got operated then bedridden for around 3 months – and got more than $40k worth of debts and with no money to spare.  I tell you, that’s disappointing, frustrating and depressing.

Yes, I had a successful business but still paying my debts.  As a matter of fact, just last October 19, 2012, I paid $2,000 worth of debt by cash.  Can you imagine how liberating that was?!!!  I mean, last year, I don’t have money. I can’t even go a cinema without getting money from my mom.  But now, I’m paying a lumpsum of money! Oh heavens, that was liberating!


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